You may have noticed (or maybe you didn’t, that’s cool too ;) )  that things got a little quiet around here for a long time. I had a couple of full-time opportunities come my way that I had to explore and in 2017 they had me rethinking what exactly I want Wild Spark Creative to be. They had me rethinking it so hard that I ended up taking an unannounced sabbatical from it all (sorry about the unannounced part, guys).

I know there’s a lot of risk in making a move like that. The internet moves incredibly fast and people forget you as soon as they stop seeing you. It was a little scary for me, but it was much needed and it allowed me to get to this point, here, where I finally understand that the heart of Wild Spark is YOU and your heart. That I was heading in the right direction the entire time, but that I just needed a little more rocket fuel behind this dream of mine. So I recentered and I revitalized and those two words are so worth expanding on - not in what they mean for me (that’ll become clear in the refreshed vigor you see around here!) but in what they might mean for you and your business.

Recentering Your Goals

It’s the start of the new year, which is a pretty perfect time for reflection, contemplation, and adjustment. Recentering your goals as a business owner is a powerful way to see if you are heading in a direction that will serve you and your ideal customer well. Are your goals serving the larger why behind your business and your customers’ lives? If not, consider revamping those goals so they all point toward the same golden bullseye that lights you up and you know helps light up the lives of those you want to serve, too.

Recentering doesn’t have to mean you completely shift the trajectory of your business (though if you’re feeling like it might mean that, don’t be scared! It can be a really good thing, too.), sometimes it’s small adjustments, shifts in messaging, or simply reframing the way you view and tell your story that makes a world of difference in how you connect and who you connect with.

Revitalizing Your Passion

Look, no matter how much you love what you do, every once in awhile you’re going to need a refresh. It happens to the best of us *cough year-long sabbatical taker over here cough*. It’s GOOD to take a step back and ask yourself why you’re still doing the things you’re doing. And if you’re still doing them with as much fire as you used to.

The answer may be “no” to the fire thing but you may still feel the kindling smoking within you, waiting to ignite again. That’s when the revitalization kicks in. Go back and read that lofty business plan you wrote when your business was just a seed in your mind. Look over all the kick-ass stuff you’ve done so far and remember how freaking cool it was when you agreed to work with that customer or client who made your heart freaking soar.

Hitting the refresh button on your passion as we barrel forward into 2018 with big goals, big dreams, and the big plans to back it all up is what it’s all about. I’m right there beside you, with a thirst for helping you find the right words and making sure the heart behind them is beating to all the right rhythms, baby. Let’s do this!