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Where your brand becomes part of my heart and my words light up the passion behind your brand. This is where we get real and your content gets authentic. That's the magic place where your professional wildfire really takes off. 



Some people call it intuition, some prefer destiny. I’ve heard it by the names passion, calling, what-I-was-meant-to-do, and a hundred other things. Whatever name it goes by for you, let me introduce you to mine: Wild Spark Creative.

This business stemmed from two things. My love of writing and the need small businesses have for high quality, heart-driven content to turn your spark into a wildfire and achieve REAL success.

Ok, let me take it back for a second. Cue up the nostalgic Backstreet Boys music and set the 90’s stage.

At every juncture of my life, I chose words. I’ve also always had an insatiable thirst for people and the badass things they do every day.

This led me to writing workshops, essay contests, the wonderfully terrible world of fanfiction (Harry Potter fans, do you feel me??), and notebooks upon notebooks filled with journaling passages, fictional characters and magical made-up worlds. It led me to Livejournal, Xanga, and eventually some legitimate blogs. Basically, if an outlet would allow me to create using words, I gave it a shot.

I suppose, looking back, it all adds up. My obsessive need to have way too many notebooks available at all times, the number of afternoons and nights spent giving advice to those around me, the way a well constructed and inspiring story has always made me clap my hands together giddily (as I did when new Sherlock unleashed onto the world earlier this month).

The number of essays, emails, resumes, and cover letters I edited for my friends over the years. Maybe most of all, my need to be in charge, to run a business with a hell of a lot of heart and an unyielding insistence on quality relationships.



Ever the research-driven Virgo, I took to the internet to see how I could make those things happen.

As I dove into the world of impressive badasses being their own boss, I met some of the best, most helpful, amazing, courageous, kind people I’ve ever met. (Shoutout to all the babes and dudes in the Being Boss group on Facebook.) These people understood passion beyond the buzzword. They were positive, dedicated, and on fire for their work. They were out to make an impact on the world.

Suddenly I was surrounded by people whose mindset matched my own. These people weren’t satisfied with status quo. That’s when I realized not only was this the path I wanted, but these were the people I wanted to help, too.

That moment planted the seed that, months later, after loads of research, handfuls of self-doubt, buckets of work and hours spent consulting some of the most creative minds I know, blossomed into Wild Spark Creative.



Initially, it was just an idea. The thought that I wanted to write for a living, but I wanted to do it in a way that would help others be successful.

In short, I wanted to realize my dreams by helping others do the same. Then it became a preoccupation. Something I couldn’t stop thinking about. So I started sketching ideas for what it might look like.

I attempted to write a business plan three separate times. I read a few books on entrepreneurship and writing. I consulted some creative minds once more. Finally, sitting at my desk at my 9 to 5, the words “Wild Spark Creative” fell into my mind.

My heart started racing (this is not an exaggeration, I felt like I was on a combination caffeine/sugar high as I frantically googled to see if the business name had been taken).

The days that followed were a blur of to-do lists and check marks as I worked to legitimize this dream into a reality. Domain names were bought, EIN numbers were registered, bank accounts were opened, social handles were snatched up before a lick of content was created.

I found an astounding designer whose talent and ability to capture what I was dreaming up still floors me every time I look at my logo or click through my website. (Samantha was fantastic, and her process was seamless, professional, and a heck of a lot of fun.)

I wrote a business plan that made sense to me, AND included actual packages I was going to offer that met a need I had asked around to make sure was there. This was no longer an ethereal misty thing that might happen someday in the future. I was DOING this.

I worked my tail end off preparing for this launch, and I quite honestly have never been more exhilarated about something in my life.



It’s a little like putting my heart out there on display for all of you to see, this website. It’s the culmination of years I didn’t realize were leading to this.

It’s the thing I always wanted to do, but told myself “that’s nice, but you can’t make a living WRITING.” Well, I suppose that last part remains to be seen. But just like we make so many of the biggest, best decisions in our lives, Wild Spark Creative feels right. And as they say, when you know, you know.

If you’re reading this, welcome, and thank you for being part of this journey with me. All of this is for you.

So you can have a content partner who believes in you and cares for your brand as much as you. So your content can connect AND convert. So you can have the right words in the right place to reach the right people. 

Wild Spark Creative was created to do one thing: ignite your brand. So let’s get to it!

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