• You have an awe ­inspiring product line of badass stuff people need in their life.
  • You are committed to quality and product excellence when it comes to your biz.
  • Making the difference between someone having a good life and a great life via your product is important to you. 
  • What you offer is changing, evolving, and your online storefront needs to do the same.
  • You know what makes your product great, but struggle to communicate it well without a sensory experience to help.

Who gets out of their pajamas to shop anymore? So much of the purchasing we do these days happens with the click of a mouse. That’s why getting your products to stand out and shine for the weird, wonderful, multi­colored gemstones that they are is a big deal.



what's included

Wild Spark Ignition Workbook

AKA the roadmap to clarifying your purpose, uncovering your message, and building the strength of your business’ heartbeat. 

Product Descriptions

E­-commerce is all about making your customers fall in love with the product before it’s in their hands. I’ll whip up product descriptions that communicate your products best qualities while highlighting how they improve your customer’s daily life via short vignettes that ooze your brand’s personality.


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Don’t see what you need? 

If you’re looking for post scheduling, I am happy to create an editorial calendar for you monthly that allows for 2 rounds of revisions and post scheduling for an additional cost.

Need social media graphic template help? I’ve got some boss designers who would be fantastic to partner with! 

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