• You’re new to the world of owning your own business, and that means budgets are tight.

  • You still want to invest in one of the most important aspects of your brand: the story you tell.

  • You want copy that will hook hearts and connect minds with your business’s philosophy. 

  • Your website is the hub for the community you create.


Trust me, I fully understand the bootstrapping life a lot of us live when we first start a business. That’s why I’ve created this website copy package. It’s less feature-­rich than my Your Website & The Kitchen Sink package, but still packs that important content punch. 

With this bundle of bonfire­-building content, I craft the right words for your online home so you can focus your fire where it’s needed most ­ on your services, products, and all those new customers!


what's included

Wild Spark Ignition Workbook

AKA the road map to clarifying your purpose, uncovering your message, and building the strength of your business’ heartbeat. 

30 minute consultation call

Where we hit it off and fall madly in love with each other. We’ll talk about why you do what you do and how I can help, and inevitably I’ll be gushing about how awesome and straight up boss you are by the time we hang up.

About page

About you, the site, or both, this page is your chance to show your potential clients and customers that you are their perfect match. I write this copy with your audience AND you in mind. That means they see your personality and understand how you solve their problems.


Snazzy social media bios that coordinate with your new website content and give followers a solid feel for who you are and what you're about without going over character limits.


It’s hard to get a taste of what working together will look like before they book, but this page clears up the confusion for them while ensuring you book clients who vibe with your process.


Show ‘em what you got and why you’ve got it. Combining your products/services with the reason you offer them is the key to copy that connects and converts. I fuse both into a services page oozing personality and stitched together with realness.


Don’t see what you need? 

If these 3 pages don't resonate with the content you need for your business, don't worry. My Ignite Your Site package can be customized to fit your needs. Let's talk about the 3 pages of content that would be most valuable to you. 

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