• You know social media is an important marketing and engagement tool for your brand.
  • You have purpose behind your social media ideas, but tying it into a strategy is the tough bit.
  • You have a social media following that understands what you do. 
  • Writing for the different social formats isn’t your strong suit. 

Social media is freakin’ hard sometimes, amiright?! It’s a constantly moving mass that can be quite hard to keep up with. You want your messages to be on­ brand, in­ tune with what’s going on in the world and your social sphere. You want it to engage, consistently. That’s why I created the Be the Butterfly content package ­ to help you stay in front of your audiences where they already are, in a way that starts conversations that lead to conversions. 



what's included

Wild Spark Ignition Workbook 

aka the roadmap to clarifying your purpose, uncovering your message, and building the strength of your business’ heartbeat

Monthly 30 minute consultation calls

The first call will be my initial get to know you call. We’ll talk about goals, what makes you tick and your business thrive, and what your social goals are. Then, each month we will have another call to check in on goals and change content direction if necessary. 

Social Strategy Document

I will create a document detailing general social guidelines for your brand as well as your social media mission statement, value statement and your social media strategy based on our conversations and your answers on the Wild Spark Ignition workbook. 

Custom Social Content

I will craft the content for up to 45 social posts total per month. These posts will be targeted at your ideal customer or client and will focus on the heart and soul of your brand. All social content is created with engagement and education in mind. 2 rounds of revisions are available for the full content document, per month. 


Because of the way a purposeful social media strategy builds momentum, the minimum is a 3-month commitment for this package. I offer price breaks for clients who book long term social media content contracts as well. 


Don’t see what you need? 

If you’re looking for post scheduling, I am happy to create an editorial calendar for you monthly that allows for 2 rounds of revisions and post scheduling for an additional cost.

Need social media graphic template help? I’ve got some boss designers who would be fantastic to partner with! 

Ready to get started?

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